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Mining for coal and ironstone, and quarrying for rock, sand and pebbles dates back many centuries, but did not start on a large scale until the end of the eighteenth century with the coming of the canals and ability to reach the coal strata at the depth they occur under Oldbury. Coal was the main mineral extracted, and this reached a peak around 1860 on the Oldbury coalfield, declining rapidly after 1870 as mines became worked out or flooded. Most collieries had closed by 1900, and, although WW1 caused a few to be re-opened, all mining in Oldbury had ceased by 1925.

Coal mining made a major contribution to the industrial revolution in Oldbury, leading to the extraction of iron and the development of heavy industry in the region. Various aspects of mining, concentrating of the extraction of coal, will be presented here. The location of early mining operations is not easy to establish, especially the linking of colliery names and owners precisely with the 'old shafts' recorded on Ordnance Survey maps. The map included here is an attempt to do so as accurately as possible, and further information on coal mines in the area is welcomed:

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'The Oldbury Coalfield' by Chris Cooper

An overview of the geology, development and working conditions of the 'Oldbury Coalfield'. You may also wish to open the map of the simplified geological map and the map of coalmine locations below (they open in separate windows)  
Simplified Geological Map of Oldbury and the surrounding area GO
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Map of coalmine locations in Oldbury GO
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Rounds Green New Colliery Accident, 1846 GO
The official report on the accident, with a colliery plan 1846. You may also wish to open the colliery plan below: (it opens in a separate window)  
Rounds Green New Colliery Plan, 1846 GO
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